Before You Travel

Getting Around in Israel


Reporting lost credit cards

  • American Express (800/992-3404 in the U.S.; 336/393–1111 collect from abroad.)
  • Diners Club (800/234-6377 in the U.S.; 514/881-3735 collect from abroad.)
  • MasterCard (800/627-8372 in the U.S.; 180/941-8873 in Israel.)
  • Visa (800/847–2911 in the U.S.; 180/941–1605 in Israel.)

Health and Safety

Please don’t be concerned. If you become ill or injured, your tour guide will arrange for you to see the appropriate medical services.

US Airlines for travel to US departure cities to the Holy Land

American Airlines

Delta Airlines

Jet Blue



Virgin America

Sample Faith-Based Tour Itineraries