Planning Your Group Tour

Masada (Judaean Desert overlooking Dead Sea)

Organizing a tour to the Holy Land for your congregation is made is easy by Living Bible Travel. Let us be your guide for a once in a lifetime journey to the epicenter of your faith. Here are some helpful steps to take so that your group will have the best experience in the Land of the Bible.

  • Timing: Your trip should be planned at least 4-6 months in advance for maximum participation and most reasonable pricing.
  • Pricing: Based on our conversation with you as well survey responses, we will design an itinerary and provide pricing. We require deposits to secure flights and hotel accommodations.
  • Advertise: Market your tour with flyers, e-newsletters and announcements. Ask members to blog and use their social networks to get the word out. If they’d like to include members from other congregations, feel free to share information and coordinate efforts, if allowed by your congregation.
  • Communicate: Focus discussions on the importance of coming to Israel in relation to experiencing your faith as well as on items of biblical significance that you will actually visit and experience.  Make reference during services.
  • Prepare: Hold meetings to discuss the itinerary and to coordinate details of the tour. Determine what items you want to discuss before each meeting.

Photo at top of page: Masada (Judaean Desert overlooking Dead Sea)