About Us


When I was in college, imagining a semester abroad, the only place I could imagine myself was Israel. I arrived right after the 1967 war. I knew right away it was special. The first time I felt it I was atop of Masada, standing where my ancestors, generations before me stood. It was at that moment that I realized how incredible this opportunity truly was. I became a different person, and each moment that I spent there, I evolved, grew and learned. I had the freedom to discover my faith and history my own way. I have been back to Israel many times and each time I came back with new and unique experiences.

Bringing people back to the roots of their faith is personal for me. It is why I founded Living Bible Travel. I want others of all faiths to experience it in their way.

As people, we all are more alike than we are different. It is our faiths that connect us. Israel is the Holy Land to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Regardless of your beliefs, being where your faith began generations earlier gives all believers a true feeling of being closer to God.

Experiencing Israel is experiencing a collective presence of all those who have been in the same places before you. Words alone cannot do it justice. Experience it together with Living Bible Travel.

Dan BergerDan Berger